Get to know Vestaen Balbuena, Naturopathic Nutritionist and Biomedical Scientist

Vestaen (pronounced Ves-tah-ehn) grew up between Madrid and London. Influenced by her mother's work as a therapist for over 20 years, she had been drawn to helping others and was naturally asked for advice. From her father's side, she developed a penchant for art and self expression- which evolved into a taste for absurd, off-beat, wacky fashion and oil painting- this, with time, developed into an entrepreneurial side where she is now the Executive Director of Juan Palomino. A fashion brand that is soon to be launched for online and offline sales in London, UK.

During her gap year, she realised her calling for understanding the human body through science and joined Brunel University with her unconditional offer. Initially only interested in Biomedicine, she decided to join another course alongside her full-time degree- Naturopathic Nutrition at CNM London. She has since graduated from both 3 year degrees at the same time. The combination of these degrees has provided Vestaen with a deeper insight and science-based approach to wellbeing and nutrition. 

Never one to stop for a long time and to only have one project running, she meddled into the world of fashion and ended up co-creating Juan Palomino, a fashion retail brand. It has been through this work that she realised the need for good nutrition and energy rich foods in photoshoots or for keeping up the long hours of work behind a sewing machine.

Her founding tenet is that one's ability to live their most vibrant life is in their hands. With her duty being to educate and provide the necessary support to build you up.

For the moment she sees her nutrition work stemming into general wellbeing, cancer support- by looking into mitochondrial health, "cosmetic" nutrition (skin health- which relates back to general health) and associate work as a Corporate Nutritionist with SuperWellness.