IOTW: Gratitude

"The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness."

If a year ago you told me that I wouldn't regret going to university and moving to London, I wouldn't have believed you.

Throughout my first year in Brunel, I had fallen into a deep, low state, depression and eventually anxiety. I had dreams and expectations: I wanted a nice flat, friendly flatmates and the ability to love my degree. But these expectations were fuelled by fear of having the opposite occur, so naturally, that happened. I ended up being the antisocial one, having a normal room and hating my degree and university. 

I blamed my bitterness on everything except myself. I blamed the conditions and surroundings, the inability to choose and the status quo. What I was denying was the simple truth: I chose to be there and then. My current life dictated I live through that experience.

I had the ability to run away, and it was tempting. So much so that I decided to look around for a course that would feed my eager soul before dropping out. This is how I stumbled upon Naturopathic Nutrition in CNM. Eventually I didn't drop out, I ended up going to acupuncture and started realising that this experience was something I had created. It didn't just happen and I wasn't just a victim. No one is.

So fast forward to September 2015, first week of my Naturopathic Nutrition course. I felt my depression getting triggered again. But this time it didn't make sense, I'm in a beautiful flat, i'm not alone and i'm doing yoga. Wasn't that what was supposed to bring bliss and comfort?

So I freaked out for a whole day, wondering why my life was destined to be depressive in London and woke up the next day like a new person. I watched all the videos my mother had sent me months ago of Abraham Hicks, for she knew this knowledge would help me. But it wasn't the right time then. This knowledge, wisdom and truth resonated within me. I was instantly  blissful, and all I could feel was gratitude, love, and joy.

There's a way out.

Step 1. Realising the outside doesn't matter, but your inner emotional and vibrational health does. Your connection to your dreams, desires, truths and soul.

Step 2. Freaking out, realising you're responsible for your emotional state (good or bad).

Step 3. You're free to feel blissful you know? Do the things you love most. If you're tired and bored, dance around, stretch.

Step 4. What works for others doesn't mean it's going to work for you. Hence the need for exploration and trial and error. Life is the ultimate experiment.

By taking responsibility for my emotions, looking out for any triggers and choosing the path of least resistance (not to be confused with comfort) all I felt was gratitude.

I feel grateful for living this experience, for now I can share this with you, I can empathise with deep moments, whether they're high or low.


Must watch!

So think about a trampoline (...) as you bounce up, it’s logical you’re going to bounce down. And when you bounce down, if your trampoline is in order and if you are focused about the way you are coming down to it, you’re going to take a really nice bounce up
— Abraham Hicks (Esther)
Life is so complex and loving

Intention Of The Week (IOTW): Excitement

"A feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness"

YAAAAS!! WHAT'S THAT? AND THIS? WHAT ARE THIS?! (JennaMarbles video on Peaches, the dog)

This week is a week for excitement. I've decided to feel excited for every single day of this week no matter what the day brings. Feel free to join me.


Isn't it amazing that we know nothing (or should I say, we don't know everything)? Everyday if you're aware and open to what surrounds you, you will learn something new. Whether it's noticing the same car parked in the same place, or that your dog is getting old, or that avocados are part of the berry family. 

Today I woke up with the same excitement I felt yesterday. I feel so ready for life. To start something new, to see how it grows. 

So here are a few tips to nurture the innate excitement that is within you:

  • Awkwardly smile when you wake up, when you pee, when you eat. Wait, before doing any of those things, rejoice in the expectation of finally going to the loo, drinking water or putting that peach in your mouth.
  • Feel happy about trivial things. Like throwing litter in the bin, brushing your teeth, doing your hair, flexing your muscles.
  • Connect with your inner child. But don't throw tantrums.
  • Do something you've been avoiding for a long time. Once it's done, you'll feel so good.
  • Be happy with the decisions you take. Instead of sitting down, think "I'm going to sit down". Change the automatic mode to manual. You're the one taking control. So when you're at home, sitting on the couch and on Facebook you we feel like you deserve it and that there's nothing wrong with that.
  • Realise how privileged we are. Having come from low to high in life, in many aspects, I make sure to put things into perspective with my own past. Also, never forget about the rest of the world. If something is bothering you- fix it, change it, improve it, connect with others to start making a change.

Me being a monkey, excited for the house I had for 3 whole months.

It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living.
— David Attenborough

Take Action: Do what you love

The urge to write, to share and to create a blog has been nagging me for a whole year already and, today I have finally decided to make this blog real.  

This month has brought some amazing quick changes to my inner self. To my essence. I've felt the extreme slowness boring days in London doing something that you don't want to do can bring and it's thanks to these days that I'm able to compare and thrive in the fast paced ones. 

After a whole year feeling depressed, sad and bored with my life I decided to take action and come back to my other side, the happy me. This process included Nutritional Coaching from and the Reconnection sessions (done by my mother). The Reconnection is something that I don't even know how to explain ( , but it's snowballing changes into my life. I have let go of so many things that held me back and most importantly I feel so empowered by the decisions I take. They can be important ones like eating vegan, or trivial ones like deciding to stay on Facebook instead of being "productive". Cris is a chirpy woman that has her shit together. Not only is she brilliant at being a vegan, but she has certainly inspired me and indirectly kicked my butt to get things moving.

So here I am. Thanks life, thanks me.

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.
— Marc Anthony